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  • Andrea Rader

Elevated Airport Experience – Delivered by Skateboard - An Airport App for Travelers

Updated: May 14, 2023

Ask just about anyone what they dread about flying and they’ll mention not just packed flights, but several other unfavorable airport experiences: Closed parking lots, crowded gates, long lines at security, and airport layouts that involve a mile-long trek for a coffee shop that may or may not be open.

What if they knew in advance where to park, could reserve a spot, check in for their flight, go to the least crowded security lane, check their flight status, order ahead for a bagel and coffee for pickup from the coffee shop nearest their gate, follow a detailed map to that gate, and even pick up a pre-ordered last-minute gift from an airport retailer?

They can. With technology that exists today on GrayMatter’s SkateBoard app.

Presently being implemented at one of the largest airports in the world, SkateBoard is a one-stop, digital airport customer experience app that helps passengers navigate to and through the airport confidently, making their journey more comfortable and convenient.

“SkateBoard’s primary purpose is to make the passenger's journey through the airport more efficient and enjoyable,” says Hospitio Consulting and Services Marketing Director Beth Nichols. “By providing real-time information about flights, parking, checkpoints, amenities and accessibility, SkateBoard gives customers the information they need to navigate the airport experience with less stress and less hassle.”

The SkateBoard app follows the customer from booking to boarding and beyond, providing features such as flight tracking, check-in, gate information, airport maps, accessibility information -- even pre-ordering meals and retail items at favorite restaurants and stores.

“Skateboard merges the best of loT connectivity, machine learning and data automation to create a smoother travel experience at all touchpoints,” said Sandeep Bhatt, GrayMatter’s Vice President of Sales.

There are airport maps with navigation to a customer’s gate, restaurant or lounge, and personalized recommendations based on a passenger’s travel plans. Is there a coffee shop near the gate? A store for a last-minute purchase? An airline lounge? SkateBoard shows passengers where those amenities are -- often with an option to reserve a spot or order ahead for pickup.

Customers with disabilities also can find information on accessible facilities, wheelchair rentals, and other services that can make the passenger's journey more comfortable.

With millions of people taking to the skies this summer, SkateBoard is an essential tool for airports to improve the passenger experience, Bhatt said. “By providing real-time information and personalized recommendations, it can reduce stress, save time, and make the airport experience much, much more enjoyable.”

Hospitio Consulting and Services and GrayMatter have partnered together to bring SkateBoard and a suite of other products and services to airports worldwide. Contact us at for more information or to schedule a demonstration.

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