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Tour & Cruise

The tour and cruise industry has significantly changed in the last twenty years particularly with pressure from OTAs, unbundled products on airline websites, and other new entrants to the market. These entrants have redirected demand to their channels while avoiding some of the distribution costs that tour operators and cruise providers typically incur to support a multi-channel distribution environment.

How Can Hospitio Help?

Distribution Channel Optimization:

Hospitio will measure the value that all of your distribution channels provide and develop a strategy that lets you optimize how you participate in each channel. We will review your participation levels with each distribution channel to ensure optimal pricing is maintained. We can leverage how your brand is positioned and take advantage of incremental opportunities provided by other channels.

Margin Management:

We develop a dynamic margin strategy that takes into account the ebbs and flows of demand and lets you capture as much margin as possible. We also manage a pricing and marketing strategy development that improves market offer segmentation so that you aren’t underselling and undervaluing your product.

Technology Management:

Tours and cruises are some of the more challenging products to distribute. Hospitio can show you ways to update your technology and distribution platforms, simplifying the process for your customers and removing outdated technologies that put your business at risk.

Corporate Strategy:

Hospitio works with you to develop strategies that ensure your marketplace relevance by adapting to changes, examining M&A options, and finding new ways to grow your business.

Hospitio can help you recapture lost market share, rebalance your distribution channels, and improve your overall customer yield.

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