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They say that the only thing that never changes is the need for change. That is certainly true of technology.

Many travel technologies are still using outdated, 1960s technology that is not flexible and puts travel companies at risk with this technical debt. Failure is not the only risk, older technologies cannot easily support the changes needed in the industry whether that’s in merchandising, NDC, One Order, dynamic packaging, continuous pricing, or other critical innovations.


How Can Hospitio Help?

Product Development:

In this ever-changing marketplace, Hospitio works with technology providers to re-think and re-architect their solutions to meet the evolving needs of travel companies.

Solution Optimization:

Hospitio's Travel Technology Consultants will show you how to match the right technology solutions to meet the product and service offerings best for your market.  We know that you can’t change everything at once, so we develop a migration strategy that gets you to your end goal; matching your budget and your resource levels.

Contract Negotiations:

Hospitio will develop vendors negotiation plans so that contracts benefit you in time, budget, and scope and is commensurate with your market positions. 

Change Management:

Once contracts are signed and it’s time to implement and integrate new technology, it’s important to navigate that change while still running your business. Hospitio works with your internal team on program management, business requirements development, and helping them adapt to the new realities and possibilities that change brings.

The Hospitio team understands legacy systems and new and emerging technologies.  We can develop a technology strategy and a platform that is scalable, flexible, and achieves your business goals.

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