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Our Team
We have a wealth of experience in a wide variety of commercial and operations disciplines in airlines, hotels, cargo & logistics, travel technology, and more.  Passion brought us here and we are ready to help you take your travel business to new heights.

Brad Beakley



30+ year senior executive with  global airlines, hospitality, travel technology and consulting companies.


Highly focused on leveraging analytics and business intelligence tools to drive strategy, technology and process improvement.


Collaborative leader with a proven track record of driving technology and business function alignment.

Christian Fleischer



Globally experienced Pricing & Revenue Management professional.

Deep airline business and travel technology experience.

Provides extensive professional services to airlines receiving new or upgraded technology to allow for a smoother transition and an accelerated path to revenue generation.

Jeff Barnhart
Senior Consultant,
Loyalty Programs



25+ years global experience in loyalty program and system development.


Focused on program and product management in understanding clients’ strategic goals, functional requirements and system technical capabilities to design and deliver innovative solutions for airlines and other diverse industries.

Susan Cary

Senior Consultant,

Revenue Management

Susan Cary.webp

Senior leader within the global commercial airline space.


Deep specialization in revenue management and operational efficiencies.


Susan is passionate about people and highly effective as a communicator, whether in front of an executive audience or teaching a group of analysts.

Mark Ellinger
Executive Principal


35+ year senior executive with extensive experience in commercial aviation development and consulting across the globe.


A recognized aviation industry leader with a proven track record of driving revenue growth, building solid organizations, and developing successful alliances.


Hannah Hoffmann
Senior Consultant,
Organizational Development


Organization development leader with a decade of experience advancing organizational capabilities in the airline, technology, and legal industries.


Expertise in organizational strategies that build capacity and effectiveness, including training, talent development; performance management and evaluation.


Global experience in commercial airline reservations training management and PSS implementation consulting.

Laurie Kirkpatrick

Executive Principal


A global leader with comprehensive technology experience spanning multiple industries.


Product planning, engineering, systems architecture and development, quality assurance, life cycle management, operations, and IT.


Successfully works across diverse customer segments, cross-functional teams and strategic stakeholders to build technology that drives business efficiency and profitability. 

Rob Lamka

Senior Consultant,


Rob Lamka.jpg



Pricing expert with over 40 years of airline experience, focused on rules coding. 


Extensive experience in both published and unpublished pricing.


Highly effective in working with people to achieve common goals and improve overall revenue.

Latika Laul

Senior Consultant,

Revenue Management


Extensive experience delivering enterprise wide strategies to enable modern technology solutions for B2C experiences that add value for the customer and achieve business objectives.


Highly skilled in helping the business understand and enable the adoption of technology.

Focused on CRM integration, cross-channel customer journeys, direct sales channel optimization and robotic process automation.

Kathleen Mallery
Senior Consultant,
Commercial Operations

Kathleen mallery.webp

Results-driven executive with extensive experience in product ownership and leading commercial and analytical business units.


Skilled in successfully navigating operations through periods of growth and change,


Leverages skills in finance, project management, training, and leadership while engaging stakeholders to deliver enhanced profitability and product value.

Terry McClintock

Senior Consultant,

Business Process & IT

terry mcclintock.webp


Commercial airline specialist focused on pricing and revenue management.

Extensive on-site airline consulting project work across six continents.

Global experience in helping traditional origin and destination carriers effectively compete and maximize revenue through a keen focus on the people, business process and IT.

Gina Morello
Senior Consultant,
Revenue Management

image001 (1).jpg

Results-oriented leader with extensive experience in airline Commercial Strategy, Revenue Management, Merchandising and Ancillary Revenue, Cargo Consulting, Pricing and Inventory Management, Partnership Analysis, Big Data Analysis, Decision Support, Forecasting, and Next-Generation Systems Development, Implementation and Deployment.

Elizabeth Nichols
Senior Consultant,
Digital Marketing

Nichols Profile - Hospitio.jpeg

Experienced digital marketing leader in the travel, hospitality and healthcare industries.


Passionate about providing meaningful customer experiences that drive engagement and conversions.


Develops cross-channel digital strategy and data-driven marketing campaigns that meet business objectives and improve customer satisfaction.

Judy Peluso

Senior Consultant,


judy peluso.webp


Pricing and revenue management expert with over 30 years of airline experience.

Focused on improving revenue for airlines.

Extensive commercial experience in leading large organizations through significant growth and change. 

Javier Pezzino

Regional Sales,

Latin America


Senior travel industry professional with experience across multiple disciplines at airline and travel technology companies. 


Helps customers transform their business by being their trusted partner in selecting and implementing the right technology and processes in the operations, distribution, and commercial spaces.


Deep experience working with multicultural teams across different regions to achieve mutual business objectives. 

Andrea Rader


Corporate Communications



Corporate public relations and communications executive experienced in a wide range of industries, including travel, retail, news, and in non-profit sectors.


Develops PR strategies that work across audiences, creating effective communications for media, business partners, regulatory, internal and consumer audiences.


Provides PR counseling for C-level, senior executives and corporate teams to align communications with business goals.

Manisha Reddy
Senior Consultant,
Pricing & Revenue Management


Extensive airline pricing expertise with a specialty in driving revenue for group bookings. Over six years of experience in published and unpublished pricing.


Executes strategic and competitive pricing policies to stimulate demand. Helps airlines optimize revenue by evaluating and improving pricing and revenue management policies, processes and technology.


Geoff Southgate
Senior Consultant,
Technology & Distribution

geoff southgate.webp

Industry professional with significant global commercial aviation expertise specializing in distribution, hosting, business intelligence, data management, and large airline implementations.

Geoff brings principal experience in delivering core IT solution functionality at several of the world’s best-known airlines and in-depth commercial knowledge across the low-cost carrier space.

Frans van den Broek

Senior Consultant,

Sales & Distribution

FvdB BIO pic.jpg


Over 25 years of airline experience in strategic and operational roles within Sales, Contact Centers and Finance specialties.


Consults with global airlines in a range of pricing, revenue management, sales, call centers and distribution projects to improve revenue performance and streamline processes.

Frans lived and worked in four continents and is now based in Amsterdam.

Alan Walker

Operations Research Consultant

& Data Scientist


Highly respected data scientist experienced at customer choice modeling and machine learning for natural language processing.


Bridges operations research and computer science, creating systems for large-scale decision support spanning travel and transportation.


Leads projects including data integration, low fare search algorithm development, and rescheduling of disrupted passengers.

Michael Warnken

Executive Principal

michael warnken.webp


Commercially focused airline and hospitality expert with 30 years of airline and travel industry background and strengths in developing vision, innovation, and leading cross-functional teams and initiatives.

Michael’s deep experience spans the entire commercial space, from revenue accounting and revenue management to tour operation and vacation packaging, covering nearly everything in between.

Danita Waterfall-Brizzi

Senior Consultant,

Cargo & Logistics

Danita Photo 11-4-22_edited.jpg

Industry veteran and leader in the fields of Cargo, Logistics and Freight as well as Human Resource Planning and Executive Sourcing.

An international career that spans more than 25 years including executive roles with a major US airline, an industry leading executive search firm and her own consulting practice.

Danita’s global experience complements Hospitio’s international reach and is today based in Germany.

Burke Whipple

Finance Consultant

Burke Whipple Headshot.jpeg


Airline industry leader in finance, focused on financial planning and analysis. Drives value through transformational change.

Works with key stakeholders to improve decision-making, enabling teams and organizations to achieve superior results. 

Leads the development of solid financial models using tools and automation to increase speed and accuracy.

John Wickson

Executive Principal

john wickson.webp


A recognized industry expert in long-term network and fleet planning, schedule optimization, commercial effectiveness, alliance economics and governance.

An extensive 25+ year career includes key roles at global full service and low cost airlines, travel technology and consulting services providers, and as an independent aviation consultant.

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