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Ground Transportation

Passenger rail and bus operations, while similar to air transportation, face significantly different issues. Your customer base is different, your routes typically have thinner demand pools, and you require more time to get your customers from Point A to Point B.


You have to determine how to optimize your routing to maximize crew and fuel efficiency, minimize your elapsed trip time, and capture as much value as you can from each customer without relying on customer frequency.


How Can Hospitio Help?

Route Network and Optimization:

Hospitio develops robust and efficient route networks that help you better match supply to demand. This drives profit by Improving your RASM while decreasing your CASM.

Pricing and Demand Forecasting:

We manage new pricing and revenue management systems implementations that deliver the right price to the right customer at the right time. More and more industries are moving to dynamic pricing that responds to market changes on a real-time basis, especially key with no historical data. Take advantage of that ability to improve load factors and revenue per customer.

Distribution Channel Management:

Hospitio makes improvements to your distribution channels that enable you to simplify the customer experience, reduce your technology costs, and minimize your cost of sale.

Product Development:

We review your current customer product offering (hard and soft products) and develop product improvements to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s consumers. We can also determine where you can monetize those changes to offset the investment costs that you make in those product upgrades.

Asset Management:

You make a significant investment in your fleet. Hospitio can help you make the most of those investments and ensure that you get the maximum return.

Car rental providers also face operational challenges as they try to balance the movement of vehicles and ensure that they don’t have vehicles “stuck” in a location with the wrong demand pattern.


Ride sharing services put pressure on car rental providers to maintain demand while achieving healthy ADRs on the fleet. And keeping your fleet up to date while maximizing the return on sold vehicles is another challenge.

Hospitio is here to help your transportation business grow, deliver more value to your stakeholders, and drive better customer engagement.

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