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Cargo & Logistics

While the pandemic has drastically reduced air travel and global trade, getting finished goods and raw materials from production to end user is booming. Cargo traffic is strongly outperforming passenger traffic. Optimizing all aspects of the supply chain is key.

How Can Hospitio Help?

Route Network Optimization:

Hospitio will identify your airline network cargo capacity to convert and utilize your passenger route network, providing much-needed cargo capacity and improving your overall revenues

Pricing and Demand Forecasting:

We will work with you to implement new cargo pricing and revenue management systems that deliver the right rate to the right customer at the right time. More and more industries are moving to dynamic pricing, responding to market changes on a real-time basis. Take advantage of that ability to optimize pricing and capture revenue opportunities.

Digital Transformation:

The global shipping landscape is far from standard and the variables are far from predictable.  Hospitio will help you make crucial technology investment decisions to improve service, control cost, and exceed customer expectations.  Depending on where you are on your decision-making journey, we can provide a review of current status, existing systems, priorities, budget, short-term to long-term solution recommendations, and related implementation steps.

Measurable Sales Plans:

We know the industry movers and shakers and can work together to  build a go-to-market strategy for you by identifying decision makers, determining revenue targets and establishing realistic sales expectations.

Process Optimization:

Years of supply chain operational experience and learned best practices provide us the essential foundation to review and optimize your operational processes.

Mentor Management and Recruitment:

Developing your most promising talent within the organization is critical to improve overall company success. Having the right personnel is also key to accomplish your goals.  Given our subject-matter expertise, and our extensive database and industry network, we will perform a targeted search to provide you with a selection of ideal candidates for your organization.  Hospitio is ready to work with you to create a highly trained, high-functioning team.

Vendor Procurement:

Outsourcing is an overused word but a given in today’s environment. We know the many cargo industry players; airports, handling agents, road feeder services, GSAs, security companies, airlines and freight forwarders. We will ensure you have the best vendor at the best market price, and provide you with measurable performance indicators and reports.

We have a menu of services to help you optimize your supply chain operations, ranging from short-term and quick wins, to mid-term and long-term solutions.

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